WANT TO BUY: IN SEARCH OF: Want to purchase Land with a nice size pond or an already setup Fish Farm or Soft Shell Turtle Farm in Florida Please contact me if you are available to meet up to inspect and discuss your location. For fastest response, call 4o8-9o5-77o2 or reply to this listing (note that I only check email once every two days or so)
Hi, my name is Kristen. I cater to a particular base clientele. I am a professional and highly motivated. I am looking for a discreet piece of property that is owned by someone who is simply interested in collecting their rent and not what I do with my time. I am very serious about this, and I am not as worried about the amount as much as the particulars of the property, and how well I get alon...
Reseve unit ou nan intenet jodia. Bon pri pou chak unit-Pandan yo La Paske yo Pa rete. Nou gin Paking droit, entrave` Nou Kapad Kondui nan paking alez nan unit ki Pa gin Condition! en dedan nap join Unit ki gingnin air condition! Nou offri ampil lot baga Plafon unit bien haut Nou kapab antre la dan storage ninpot jou` 365 jou na ane a` Li ouve` 6hr matin pou 9hr asoue`. 24 sou 24 camera ap suve...
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